Many people are eager to dedicate themselves to careers in education & teaching. Careers in education & teaching are rewarding and offer some unique perks such as summer vacations and a job with significant personal interaction. Those who are interested in careers in education & teaching can select from a variety of options such as teaching different subjects and working in more administrative capacities in schools.
What will I study to prepare myself for careers in education & teaching?
If you are set on careers in education & teaching, it is best to enter the profession as a subject teacher. You will then have the opportunity to gradually progress into more administrative positions such as curriculum designer and faculty head. Ultimately you may work in capacities such as admissions and counseling.
While starting careers in education & teaching, it is best to have a subject area or areas of expertise. You may choose to specialize in any subject areas depending upon your interest but should have at least a bachelor’s degree in them to be serious contender for competitive teaching positions.You may improve your chances of breaking into a teaching position by also getting a teaching certificate. Such certificates are usually treated as the equivalent of a master’s degree. But their focus is not on subject content. It is on the art and science of planning and delivering a class. You will learn about how to develop a class plan that fulfills certain objectives. You will also learn about the increasing role of incorporating technology and multimedia into making your classes more effective. You will also learn some soft skills about managing classes and students.
Can I study for careers in education & teaching through online study?
Yes, online study can prepare you for career in education & training. You can develop expertise in any subject by completing the relevant degree through online study. Studying for teaching certifications through an online format is also a popular choice since such study benefits from work experience. People thus find that studying online for their teaching certification works well while they are teaching to accumulate relevant experience.When you are studying online for careers in education & teaching you will be able to download instructional videos explaining the concepts you need to learn. You will be able to access class materials in an electronic format. You will also be able to submit your assignments for online grading.
What are my career prospects after studying for careers in education & teaching?
Careers in education & teaching are quite stable and rewarding. A college degree is a must to teach at the high school level. More advanced degrees with a focus on research are needed to teach at the university level.

People who teach for a few years find that they are quite well prepared for additional careers in education & teaching. Administrators, Principals and Faculty Heads are generally selected from among those who already have substantial teaching experience.