What do Law Enforcement, Policing and Investigation deal with?

As their names suggest, the branches of law enforcement, policing and investigation focus on serving and protecting citizens and their properties around the country. Professionals in law enforcement, policing and investigation put their lives on the line everyday to ensure our safety and security. They are charged with apprehending dangerous criminals, investigating crimes, gathering intelligence, crime scene investigation, corrections, and a number of other functions to maintain the order in society. How can I make a career in law enforcement, policing & investigation? If you are planning to make a career in law enforcement, policing & investigation, the first thing you will need is an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. These degrees can be obtained through a variety of on-campus and online programs at different colleges around the country. Some of the courses taught include criminal justice, investigation methods, emergency planning and management and criminal law.

What are some of the careers in Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation?

The fields of career in law enforcement, policing and investigation present excellent opportunities, where you can interact with different people and really make a difference in their lives. You can work as a police officer or law enforcement agent, apprehending criminals and keeping the streets safe. You can also work in the corrections system, as a parole officer or corrections officer. Other positions include crime scene investigator, detective, forensic scientist and forensic accountant. If you have the right experience and education, you can obtain work as a federal agent with an agency such as the FBI, CIA, NSA or Department of Homeland Security.

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