Overview of the field
Human Services is the coordination directly providing services to/assisting people who are mentally or physically challenged.
Structure and duration of the program
Certificate of Human Services is a one-year program with 30 credit points. These courses are usually offered one at a time and the credit points can then be transferred to a diploma which takes another year to complete.


Highlights of the coursework
The coursework aims at preparing the students to work with the underprivileged. The coursework is an introduction to human services, policy and practice and human services, helping skills, community collaboration, case management, interviewing and assessing clients. But the coursework is only limited to the theory. It is one of those fields where learning comes through an inherent desire to help those who can’t help themselves.
Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Certificate of Human Services doesn’t require and qualification. It does, however, is a field which can be studies only if you have an interest in the field and you want to enter the field with the intention of helping others.
Career prospects and salary
Human Services comes under the healthcare department which has fastest growing number of jobs. But human services is one of those professions which are very demanding and might not be very rewarding in financial terms. It is, however, very satisfying if you feel you can support people. After the certificate of  human services you can work at entry-level positions with healthcare providers and work with children, elderly, jail inmates and juvenile offenders among others.