What is special education?
In the United States today, almost every school deals with students who are battling a physical, intellectual or emotional disability. The field of special education focuses on teaching gifted students, and helping them develop the skills needed to succeed in society. In addition to teaching these students, professionals in the field of special education are responsible for carrying out research work, devising effective methods to teach special students and develop policies that ensure a high standard education is provided to such children.
How can I get the doctoral of special education?

If you have a master’s degree in special education or psychology and wish to move to a highly rewarding career in education, you can enroll in the Doctoral of Special Education degree. This PhD program includes two years of academic studies, followed by two or three years of field research and can be complete through on-campus or online settings. Some of the courses included in this program are special education techniques, diagnosis of disabilities, therapeutic methods and academic issues in special education. Once the academic work is complete, students carry out a dissertation based independent research before they are awarded the doctorate of special education.
What are the future prospects?

The improvement of methods to diagnose and treat learning difficulties has led to a tremendous amount of growth in special education. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 17% increase in employment opportunities in this field and places average earnings at $120,000 per year. The doctoral of special education is ideal for obtaining work at various schools, special education institutes and state and federal education agencies.

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