Too many degree options can be confusing when you are looking for an online degree. Are you also wondering what degree to choose? Are you getting second thoughts about what may or may not work for you?

Here is what you need to do. Work this problem out in a logical way. Think about what could lead to a lucrative career that you would also love:

  • Imagine the kind of work you want; job description, work setting, culture, salary, benefits, and schedule .
  • Look for popular online degrees that will help you get your dream job.

Going for the profession you love makes a lot of sense. But why look for a popular online degree program for it? The popularity of a degree has its reasons. An exciting reason why people are going for certain degrees more than others is because those sectors are experiencing growth. And why would you not want to go for something you love and where you can also excel at the same time.

Figure out what interests you and is quite popular these days. Luckily, a single degree can now lead to multiple careers.  The versatility of a degree is what you can make use of. Check these five most popular online degrees to get help when making your decision:


According to Eduventures, a higher-education research, consulting, and advisory firm, the popularity for online degrees in business administration topped all others in 2009. Endless career possibilities are possible with a business degree. Some of the options include marketing manager, sales manager, financial advisor, financial analyst, database administrator, and chief executive officer. You can work in the fields of banking, finance, manufacturing, product development, business analysis, and human resources.

Computer and Information Technology

According to Eduventures, Computer and IT stood second among the most popular online bachelor’s degrees in 2009. With a computer and IT degree, you can begin your career as  a cyber security professional, application developer, systems administrator, information systems manager, database administrator, software developer, IT developer computer systems manager, computer systems analyst, network administrator,  computer programmer, data analyst, and network administration professional.

Criminal Justice

Information at Eduventure also suggests that the third most popular online degree is criminal justice. Criminal justice degree can lead to careers in law enforcement and security such as probation officer, court administrator, county sheriff’s deputy, criminal investigator, corrections officer, and corrections case manager.


Everyone knows that the next few years are going to be great for the health care industry. Eduventures states that nursing is the fourth most popular degree. With a nursing degree you can avail a number of careers. You can either choose to become a registered nurse or enter other interesting fields such as nursing management, nursing education, and health care informatics.


The fifth most popular among the online degrees is education. An education related degree can open a number possibilities for you. Some of the positions you can look into our pre-school teacher, kindergarten teacher, daycare center specialist, and educational assistant. You get the opportunity to teach children in private and public schools, ranging from kindergarten to high school.