Hospitality management refers to the administration of a business related to food, lodging or tourism. It encompasses everything that falls into the hospitality industry. If you are a confident and friendly person who is looking for an exciting career where each day promises to be different, you may want to look into the hospitality management degrees on offer at various universities. For anyone who is customer oriented and capable of working under pressure, a career in the hospitality industry whether at a restaurant, hotel or spa, among others, can be an interesting option.

Hospitality Management Degrees and Programs

You can find a degree in hospitality management at any level of education, depending on your personal requirements. You can pick a hospitality management degree at the Associate, Bachelor or Master levels. Diploma and certificate programs are also available for those who are looking for shorter duration courses. Employers generally prefer candidates who have at least a Bachelor degree in hospitality management as this type of program provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry.

While most programs may be campus-based, you can find an online hospitality management degree too. Enrolling in an online degree is useful for those who may not be able to attend college or university in the traditional way due to different commitments. If you are unable to take time off from work, you could choose an online degree which would provide flexibility in study schedules. Some may enroll in an online program if they are located too far away from the relevant university and do not have the option of relocating. Financial constraints may prevent others from choosing a traditional campus-based program as an online degree may cost less. With the use of the Internet it is easy to acquire an education online. It is important to ensure that the online hospitality management degree chosen is from an accredited university.

Areas of Study in Hospitality Management

Hospitality management degrees teach students the managerial skills they will require in a variety of settings in the hospitality industry. Theory courses are taught and practical experience is gained through internships. A combination of business and industry specific courses are taught during the course of a hospitality management program. These include subjects such as motel and hotel management, food sanitation and hospitality marketing. Another topic covered is food and beverage management. Students also learn about finance and general management principles and methods. Bartending, customer service, event planning and hotel security management are other aspects covered during the course of a hospitality management degree.

Careers in Hospitality Management

There is a wide variety of careers available for hospitality management graduates in the areas of lodging, travel and tourism, event planning and spa management, among others. Such professionals can be found working as hotel general managers, restaurant managers, wedding planners and food and beverage managers. The lodging industry offers a range of opportunities where careers can be formed. These include the areas of housekeeping, sales, guest relations, human resources and general management.

Food and beverage related management roles can be found at restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels and catering businesses. Those interested in making a career for themselves in the tourism industry may look into opportunities available as tour managers, cruise directors and travel agency managers. Convention and event planning, as well as spa and casino management roles are also options open to those with hospitality management degrees.