Overview of Field
The Master of Human Services is designed as a broad degree that prepares students to work with consumers and clients in any sector. There may be specialized degrees that prepare student specifically to work in healthcare, insurance, technology, education and other sectors. But the Master of Human Services is a chance to prepare for all these jobs through one unified degree that is broad enough to provide you all the necessary skills.
Structure and Duration of the Degree Program
The Master in Human Services degree is meant to be a one year program. But it is extremely common for students to take longer because they wish to take additional coursework or because they wish to supplement their studies with part-time work.
Highlights of the coursework
The Master of Human Services encourages students to take courses involving case studies, role playing and projects. Students are encouraged to draw upon skills from several different fields in planning how they would deliver services in a consumer setting.
Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Anyone who has completed an undergraduate degree may apply for the Master of Human Services. Work experience is not required but can be an asset. To graduate, students must complete a sequence of core and elective courses and a final project.

Career prospects and average salary
The Master of Human Services is a great way to enter management positions in healthcare, insurance, telecommunications and many other sectors. Starting salaries are well over $50,000 a year.