What is Information technology?
Information Technology or IT focuses on the design and development of information systems at various business organizations and government agencies. It also includes the development and maintenance of various technologies that are used to store information, share resources and provide for communication between users all over the world. IT professionals play a central role in any organization, since they are responsible for managing virtually every aspect of its operations.

What is the master of information technology?
If you hold a bachelor’s degree in an IT related concentration and are looking to move to a better career and open up opportunities for advancement, the Master in information technology is perfect for you. This two-year long degree allows students to specialize in an area such as telecommunications, e-commerce, IT security, web design and management information systems among others. Some of the subjects included in the core curriculum of this program are IT solutions design, information system development and maintenance and network management.
What are the future prospects?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the country with career opportunities expected to grow by 26% over the next five years. Career choices are endless, and the looming shortage of IT professionals ensures that demand for information technology majors continues to grow. The Master of Information technology degree is the ideal choice to take advantage of this growth and obtain a top level job that offers ample room for growth in virtually any industry.
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