What is criminal justice?
The field of criminal Justice focuses on the various methods of preventing crimes, apprehending and prosecuting criminals and enforcing the law and order in general. In the post 9/11 era, the demand for national security and criminal justice professionals has skyrocketed, making the field of criminal justice one of the fastest growing in the country. The professionals in this field include police officers, detectives, corrections officers, crime scene investigators, court officers, parole officers, immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) agents and customs & border protection (CBP) officers.
How can I get the Master of Criminal Justice?
The Master of Criminal Justice is a two-year long graduate level degree that can be completed through a variety of on-campus or online settings. In order to enroll in this degree, applicants must have a bachelor’s level education in addition to relevant work experience. Some of the courses included in the master’s program are criminology, investigative techniques, public safety and security, and criminal prosecution. The degree is ideal for criminal justice officers who wish to move to a better career and have more opportunities for advancement, as well as for students who wish to obtain a supervisory position in law enforcement.
What are the future prospects?
The field of criminal justice is on its way to become one of the country’s leading employers by 2018, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly half a million new jobs will be created in this sector over the next five years. The Master of Criminal Justice degree is the ideal choice to take advantage of this massive growth, and opens up loads of opportunities at federal agencies such as the FBI, TSA and Department of Homeland Security, in addition to numerous state and local law enforcement organizations.


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