What is education teaching?
As its name suggests, the field of education and teaching focuses on the various techniques and methods employed to teach children and young adults across the country. This vast field is divided into countless branches, such as education administration, teaching, policy development, education research, early childhood education, secondary education and adult education. Professionals in this field are responsible for teaching children vital educational and social skills in addition to carrying out research work to devise more effective methods of instruction, proposing changes in the existing education system and developing public policies in education.
What is the master of education/teaching?
If you have a bachelor’s degree in education, and are looking to move on to a better career, where you are in a position to make changes that will improve the educational system, then the Master of Education Teaching
degree is perfect for you. This two year long, graduate level degree is designed to help students develop the abilities and skills required to work at a managerial position in the education industry. The coursework includes courses in curriculum design and development, instructional technology, student assessment, teacher training and educational leadership.
What are the future prospects?
The field of education receives special attention in the United States as it plays the most important role in developing our future generations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of 16% in employment opportunities in this field through 2018. The Master of Education/Teaching is a great way to obtain a position where you can give back something to the community, and take part in defining our future identity. You can work as a curriculum designer, policy adviser, or school administrator at a variety of public and private educational institutes throughout the country.