Nursing programs are ideal for students who seek to pursue a rewarding career in the specialized field of nursing. The demand of Registered Nurses is on the increase and is expected to rise further by 2015, which means that there are going to be endless employment opportunities for RNs. Registered Nurses receive competitive salaries and a number of career benefits. Students who pursue higher level nursing programs such as master’s degree can secure managerial and administrative positions.
Kinds of Nursing Programs
Nursing students can enroll in a number of nursing programs including:
  • LPN Programs
  • Associate’s degree in nursing
  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN)
  • Master’s degree in nursing  (MSN)

Some of the other popular nursing programs include:

  • LPN to RN Program
  • RN to MSN programs
  • Accelerated nursing programs
  • Online nursing programs

LPN Programs          
Licensed Practical Nurse programs are designed to help students achieve entry level position within nursing profession. Students can enroll in campus based LPN programs as well as online LPN programs. These trainings provide the fundamentals of nursing to the students and enable them to serve the society.

Degree Programs
These nursing programs provide students with an opportunity to earn the title of Registered Nurse. RNs are in great demand and earn more than the Licensed Practical Nurses. These are higher professional recognitions in nursing and enable students to attain better positions within this profession. An associate’s degree spans over two years while BSN and MSN programs take 4 years to complete.

LPN to RN programs
These nursing programs are ideal for LPNs who wish to achieve the certification of Registered Nurses.They enable LPNs to earn RN degree with minimum repeat of credits and courses. Working LPNs can benefit from LPN to RN programs to earn credits for RN degree.
RN to MSN programs
These nursing programs are designed to enable RNs receive their master’s degree in a fast way. There are a number of campus-based as well as online schools that offer RN to MSN programs.

Accelerated Nursing Programs
Accelerated nursing programs are based on fast-track education model. They enable students to earn the recognition of RNs much more quickly than the regular degree programs in nursing. Candidates possessing non-nursing degrees can get into accelerated nursing programs and establish a lucrative career at a fast pace.

Online Nursing Programs  

Students who wish to earn the recognition of LPN or RN in a fast and convenient way can enroll in online nursing programs. These nursing programs are ideal for the individuals who are involved in full-time or part-time jobs. As they offer a lot of flexibility, candidates can manage their studies without giving up work. Also, these nursing programs are more cost effective than the campus-based trainings.

Choosing a Nursing Program
The choice of a nursing program depends on the career goals of a student. Also, the financial resources as well as the time available to a candidate to pursue nursing education can help him to decide as to which kind of nursing programs are most suitable for him.