How to make a good career choice

How to make a good career choice

A good career is an ideal combination of your interest, financial concerns, and job satisfaction. Your career must meet professional aspirations and also take care of personal concerns.  These steps can surely help you make a smart career choice:

List down what matters to you

Identify what drives you and what your values are. Answer the following questions to find out about your priorities:

  • What do you want out of life? (Your goals, dreams, values)
  • What kind of work will suit you? (tasks and responsibilities, work environment)
  • What other things concern you? (salary, location, travel)
  • How do you imagine your long term career to be like? (a managerial position, a business of your own, freelance work, training)

Research Online

Look for careers over the internet. This way you will come across career choices that never occurred to you before. The more careers you know, more options you will have. If you read job descriptions and learn about work environments, you can have a better idea about what careers will be a great choice.

Take an aptitude test

An aptitude test is a helpful way to understand your capabilities and personality. Many aptitude tests also provide you a list of suitable careers that match your aptitude and interest. You can look through the list and pick careers that you think you will enjoy and are practical to go for.

Choose a combination of your passion and requirements

Find a career that you would love to have, but also keep in mind how it will meet your financial and lifestyle needs. A good way to go about it is to make a list of careers and write down how they can help you meet your requirements. This can help you make a balanced choice, giving you the best of both worlds.

Consider the financial aspect

Money may not be the only factor but it can affect your lifestyle. Consider going for a career that you would love, is practical, and will be lucrative and challenging. A career cannot solely be decided on one factor. Interest and financial aspects both carry equal weight.

Scan the market

It is advisable that you scan the market before making a career decision. You can check out the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) website, to find out about different careers and their demand. If you end up selecting a saturated field, you will have a hard time finding a suitable job. So, look for a career that caters to your interest and is also in demand.

A job will take up most of your adult life. So, it’s extremely important to go for a career that suits you in every way. This will greatly determine your success and overall happiness.

If you have some interesting ideas or useful tips for landing that perfect career, feel free to share with us.

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5 Things Your Professor Hasn’t Told You about the Real World

5 Things Your Professor Hasn’t Told You about the Real World

Do you think you have gathered all the wisdom you could during your four years at college? Think again. You still haven’t learned what the real world has in store for you. Professors can give you an in-depth knowledge on countless topics, but you are likely to miss out on the following lessons:

Grades aren’t everything

Yes that’s right. Grades may be one of the things that will help you get that interview call. But grades aren’t everything. Learning is! It is your skills and what you actually gathered from every course that really matters. If you have a string of A grades on your transcript but you can’t recall basic concepts, you are headed for trouble.

Besides, having a well rounded personality, which includes above average grades, extra-curricular activities, community involvement, right amount of fun, and socializing can help you succeed in the real world. Remember, that classroom is not the only place where you learn, learning is just about everywhere. Good grades can’t possibly make up for what you didn’t learn in other areas of life.

Be nice to everyone and make contacts

The more people you know and the more agreeable you are as a person, the more chances you will get to succeed in the real world. Sometimes who you know can be much more important than what you know. Many people can become your source of job opportunities. People may give you that much needed career advice, tell you about rewarding job opportunities, or even refer you in their organization. With your likeable attitude and outgoing personality, you are likely to avail opportunities that others miss out on.

Experience is as important as education

It is true that many people are unable to succeed in their professional lives because they lack education, but this does not prove that education is everything. Education makes it easier for you to succeed, but experience also counts a lot. With experience, you learn hands on skills that education may fail to provide. You acquire invaluable skills in the real world experience that classroom settings cannot provide. The right mix of education and experience is what you need to excel in your career.

You’ll excel at what you love

In the pursuit of good grades and lucrative careers, this important lesson is usually lost. Remember, that work will take up most of your time once you graduate. If you don’t do something with your heart in it, it is likely that you will not excel at it. You don’t just need the right education and skills to succeed in something; you also need the will. If you don’t enjoy your work, you might just end up working at a minimum acceptable level, and that won’t take you far in your career. In order to succeed, you will need to find out what you love, and do exactly that!

You already have a brand

You are not like any other classmates you had in your college. You already have a brand of your own. The way you speak, dress up, and interact with people makes you different. Your interests, social media presence, and your unique talents also make an impact. All these things define you.  It is possible that the only thing you might have in common with your classmates is the college degree. You create your own opportunities, based on the person you are. Find out your core strengths, offer a unique proposition to the world, and capitalize on your talents!

Here were the five important lessons your professor didn’t tell you about. Do you also have something from the real world that you would like us to know? Feel free to share your insights, comments, and also what you disagree with.

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Best plagiarism tools for your online assignments

Best plagiarism tools for your online assignments

Plagiarism means copying someone’s work illegally. Most educational institutes take plagiarism quite seriously. You may end up re-working your assignment or get yourself a poor grade due to plagiarism and a black mark on your record. In worst case scenarios, colleges even expel students if they find someone plagiarizing.

As an online student you will need to frequently research for various assignments and will need to make sure that your grade and repute do not suffer. If you don’t want to take an unnecessary risk, check out the best plagiarism tools for online assignments:


TURNITIN is a popular plagiarism checker among university students. It checks plagiarism by going through more than 24 billion pages, 250 million student papers, and 110,000 publications. The users of TURNITIN are present all over the globe in 126 countries. It also offers WriteCheck service, which helps students with proper citations and benefit from a number of writing tools.


This website provides free plagiarism services. It can check countless papers and also come up with plagiarism reports. It is a quick and smart tool that accepts all kinds of file formats. Plus it can help you download plagiarism reports almost instantly.


ITHENTICATE is a plagiarism detection tool used for scholarly articles and professional writing. It checks plagiarism by comparing work with over 32 billion web pages and 125 million content items. It’s a great tool if you are pursuing an advanced level degree and don’t want plagiarism to ever be your concern.


THE PLAGIARISM CHECKER is very user friendly. All you need to do is cut and paste your paper or homework and click on the check button. This Plagiarism checker is suitable for everyone. You can also get a hold of the Premium version for advanced plagiarism detection.


This is a great plagiarism detector as it does not even need registration. It not only scans your work but also gives you a lot of helpful information and tips to avoid plagiarism. All you need to do is copy and paste your work on the checker, and click “search”.


VIPER is considered to be among the best free alternatives to TURNITIN. It has the ability to scan a large database of academic essays and other online sources. It also gives side by side comparisons of plagiarism. However, it has a downside as well as it is only available for Windows users.

So the next time you write a paper, make sure you have these tools bookmarked. After all you don’t want to turn in someone else’s paper with your name on it.

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10 tips to ace online education

10 tips to ace online education

Are you finding online education a hard nut to crack?  Getting good grades in an online program is a mystery to you? Well, it won’t be anymore. Check out these ten handy tips and ace online education.

Be Proactive:

Take responsibility for your education, prepare and stick to your timetable like you have an appointment that can’t be moved.

Be quick to find out about technical requirements:

The earlier you know about the technical requirements, the better off you will be. Know how to use the software beforehand, so no time gets wasted when you start with your lectures.

Embrace your Syllabus:

Print a copy of your syllabus and don’t lose sight of it. Put it in a place where you can see it often.

Stay Organized:

Mark all the deadlines in your calendar, create weekly online folders, keep your work area quiet and clean, and put all coursework materials together in one place.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions:

Make use of instructor support service, chat rooms, and discussion threads to clarify things and stay current with all the important information.

Have one workplace:

Whether you choose home, library, or a coffee shop to take your online lectures and work on assignments, stick to one place which is free from distractions.

Get a head start on your assignments:

Don’t delay your work till the last minute and don’t expect the instructor to be available for you all the time. Start your work early and turn it in on time.

Find a study partner:

It’s not possible in all cases. Yet, it’s a great way to avoid monotony, have some moral support, and get good advice.

Apply what you learn:

Make your education interesting. Think about how your learning is connected to the real world. If you are working, try applying new concepts in your workplace.

Stay Motivated:

Chances are that there will be times when you will feel sluggish and burned out. There are good and bad days but the key is to never give up.

Having said all of this, the crux of the matter remains, are you disciplined enough to follow through with online education? Online education can present its own set of challenges and whoever said it’s easy is absolutely wrong. Just like any other educational pursuit, if you don’t put in the effort, you will get nowhere.

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7 Big Mistakes Online Students Make

7 Big Mistakes Online Students Make

Wise men say we should always learn from our mistakes, but isn’t it best that we learn from the mistakes of others as well?  So, beware. Here are the seven big mistakes online students make:

Overlooking Accreditation

If you have not checked the accreditation of a particular school, you are inviting trouble. Accredited schools should be your priority. They are a sign of quality education and method of instruction. As they are approved by the relevant accrediting agencies, you can be confident about the quality and positive career prospects after completing your degree.

Ignoring Your Learning Style

Do you perform well under pressure? Or you work best at your own pace without deadlines? If procrastination and lack of punctuality are your weaknesses, online program may turn out to be a challenge for you. Online programs are quite convenient and flexible, but their flip side is that they require a lot more responsibility from you. Only if you can manage well on your own, go ahead!

Ignoring the Curriculum

Online education could be about starting your dream career, getting a promotion or thinking about a career change. In any case, do not forget to review the curriculum for online programs you are going to select. Make sure what you will be studying should add value to your career and skills, and should not be a waste of time.

Underestimating Difficulty

If you think online programs are less difficult than on campus programs, you are wrong! Online programs are quite flexible and they do let you learn at your own pace, but they come with their own challenges.  Do not forget that the curriculum will be similar to that of on campus programs, and you will need to make consistent efforts to perform well. Self management is the key!

Forgetting about Tech Issues

In order to successfully complete an online degree, you do not just need focus and consistency; you also need a good quality computer, updated softwares and programs, and an internet connection that doesn’t give you trouble. Without taking care of these tech specs, you can face a lot of delays and frustration. Do keep in mind the technical aspect before beginning an online program. This will make life a lot easier for you.

Not knowing about the Instructor

Okay, you have selected an online program for yourself, but have you done your research on your instructor? He or she needs to be properly qualified and experienced for online education. This is for you to benefit completely from the program. Teaching online courses is no piece of cake, instructors need to be properly trained and experienced in the field.

Creating a bubble

You cannot perform well in online education by working all alone. You need to get out of your bubble, interact with other students, participate in discussions, and take help from instructors. Online education puts greater responsibility on your shoulders. In order to reap all the benefits of online education, you need to social and proactive.

If you have followed all of these steps then you are on the right track. If not, you might find yourself holding a degree which may not help you with your future plans.

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