Do you have what it takes to be a business executive?

Do you have what it takes to be a business executive?

Anyone interested in conquering the corporate world may see themselves as the next Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. What needs to be realized is that these professionals are not only smart, intelligent men, they also know their business inside out. It’s the decisions they’ve made at the right time with the right people that has made them who they are.

It’s time for some self evaluation. If you are interested in becoming a business executive but are unsure if you will be successful or not, these are some of the traits that will help you stand out as business executives.

Integrity: Stay true to your values

It is the most important characteristic of a businessperson, who reaches the top and manages to stay there.  It relates to the simple fact that no person would want do business with someone they can’t trust. It is also a lot easier to work with business executives who are honest and dependable.

Importance of Time: Lost time is never found

Successful business people have a strong understanding of time. They don’t let anyone waste their time and don’t waste other people’s time either. Coworkers, clients, and others will be more willing to give time to someone who they know will not waste it. Also, successful executives do not dwell on the past. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Confidence: First requisite to great undertakings

Natural leaders make wise choices and execute them with confidence. They learn from their mistakes and have the courage to take risks. Those who have confidence in their abilities gather all the facts but don’t take too long to make a decision. They are also the ones who do not get discouraged easily. But confidence is not everything; along with it you need humility. You will be seriously jeopardizing your learning curve if you act like a Mr/Ms. Know It All. Learn from others as well.

Creativity: Look at things differently

Successful business executives are not conventional thinkers.  Resourcefulness is a common trait shared by all who fall into this category. They tend to see possibilities where others fail to find any. They are more likely to try something new and come up with an innovative solution to a problem. They look for new things and try to improve what is already in use. Undeniably, creativity is an important business asset and a must have for a business executive.

Having knowledge of important traits is the first step to acquiring them. Now that you know what makes business executives successful, start working on these traits and make them a part of your personality.

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5 skills you can learn from a business school

5 skills you can learn from a business school

New challenges await you when you graduate from business school and enter the real world. A business school is there to develop skills that will help you in become a successful professional. Check out the following essential skills that you can learn from a business school:


 The art of getting people to meet goals.

Managers need to be smart and tactful in order to get things done. They have limited resources at hand and their most important resource is people. If a business school helps you acquire people skills and you are able to work well with others, you have earned a priceless skill.

Ethical Awareness:

Knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Organizations are not just looking for smart people. They also value people with strong ethics. In the past, huge organizations have lost credibility due to unethical practices. And a strong sense of ethics does not just benefit an organization; it is necessary to gain a professional repute and a long term career.

Effective Communication:

 Get the message across that meets your objectives.

Effective communication skills can make a world of difference for you and your career. For a career in business, you will need communication skills that gets your message across. Inefficiencies arise when organizations lack people who are passing down instructions and no one has any idea what they want.

Problem Solving:

 Good things come easy

Things won’t be easy. You will face conflicts, dilemmas, and tough decisions. Sometimes, you will have limited time and resources to make the right decision. Here, your problem solving skills will come in handy. Business schools train students in problem solving with the help of case studies, discussions, and projects. Be sure to acquire them before you enter the real world.

Self Management:

In order to manage others, you must know how to manage yourself.

The rigorous routine and frequent challenges set by a business school merely serves as a trailer before the movie you will ultimately act in. You learn organizational skills and how to effectively meet deadlines. This skill not only lets you manage yourself but helps you in managing others as well. With this key skill, you can also inspire and train others to be better than they are.

If you enroll in a business school, be sure to learn these key skills before you graduate. Grab every opportunity to get these five vital skills every organization is looking when hiring. 

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Five Tips to Stay Motivated In Online Education

Five Tips to Stay Motivated In Online Education

To stay motivated, you will need to be creative. Online education may teach you a lot of things, but one that stands above all is ‘Discipline’. You will need to learn this on your own.

Do you find yourself losing interest in online education? The only person who can help you with this dilemma is you. And if you follow these five steps, you will find yourself getting back on track.

Be Realistic about your Schedule

In the start, you may tend to set big goals and try to take on more than you can chew. This eventually gives you a feeling of being overwhelmed and can even force you to give up. If you want to stay consistent and motivated, make a more realistic schedule. Make smaller realistic goals that can be completed in the allotted time. It will help you have a sense of accomplishment and will inspire you to keep at it.

Track your Progress

You don’t have to depend on campus counselors to track your progress. You can also have a map of your own to mark completed classes. You can post this map where it’s clearly visible and where you can mark your progress every day. You will be encouraged when you successfully complete your goals. During tough times, you can get back to your chart and get motivated by seeing how much you’ve progressed.

 Don’t forget to reward yourself

Rewards can work wonders for your motivation. You stay focused, work with determination, and don’t let monotony set it. It will be a lot more fun to complete your goals and get rewarded for them as well. You can easily strike a balance between work and recreation. Rewards can be anything you love. You can reward yourself with a new dress, a night on the town, or maybe a concert of that band your friends have been talking about. The reward system may just give you that extra push you need to do well.

Become Social

Many students feel isolated when they are studying online. You don’t get to see your instructors or classmates on a daily basis. Yet, you can always bridge the gap by interacting with them in other ways. Video conferencing, online discussion forums, and phone calls can be a great way to stay connected. You can also create an online support community to interact with others going through a similar experience. Online support communities can be used for generating ideas, getting inspiration, or having some handy study tips.

Stay focused

Sometimes, you may forget why you started an online program in the first place. Too much focus on current tasks can lead to a loss of perspective. If you remind yourself of your career goals and why you chose to start this program, you will feel a lot more motivated. You can connect your studies with what you’ll be doing when you graduate. You can also find out how working professionals are applying what you are learning in online classes.

If you know how to strike the right balance and stay focused on your career goals, motivation is likely to stay by your side. In the end, motivation will require effort and determination on your part. Make sure you stay focused on your objectives and don’t let anything distract you.

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How online students can collaborate with group members

How online students can collaborate with group members

Someone said ‘Two heads are better than one’. They knew what they were talking because if you take anything, it always helps to take some advice or an opposing opinion. Research shows that students learn better when they have the opportunity to collaborate. With collaboration, group members not only learn from their individual efforts but also from others.

Check out these guidelines to prevent your group work from becoming a disaster:

Bond with your Team Members

The earlier you bond with your team members the better it would be for your project. If you start off late, it can cause unwanted delays. Here are some tips to create an effective group bonding:

  • Create a forum or an online group where all members can gather.
  • Ask everybody to introduce themselves, post pictures, share their hobbies, and interests.
  • Post course related topics and discuss your assignments on the forum.
  • Create a sense of community online so learners know they are a part of group.

Develop a Communications Plan

It is important that you have some defined ways of communication before you begin your project. Many communication tools such as Skype, Google Docs, Drop Box, and Gmail can help you communicate effectively.

  • Skype is a great alternative for face-to-face group discussions.
  • Google Docs can help with collective work and editing your project.
  • Dropbox gives you a central location to share files, photos, and videos.
  • Gmail will convert your emails in easy-to-follow threaded conversations.

Outline the Work Required

Clearly write down the instructions and objectives of your assignment in bullet points. Once every group member knows the objective, start preparing the work outline. Once the major tasks are identified, ask group members to voluntarily pick up the task that they can perform best. Make sure there’s no overlap in the tasks, and each task is clearly divided.

Decide on the Deadlines

Once everybody knows their assigned tasks, the next step is to decide the deadline for each task. Deadlines need to be realistic and should be decided in a group, so no one faces a problem later on. Deadlines are a tricky part and make sure everybody’s input is taken.

Review the tasks regularly and keep checking progress

Keep weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your group members to see how well everybody is progressing. Discuss any problems and issues. Make sure everybody knows the deadline and there is ample time to make final changes and finishing touches to your project.

Remember, no man is an island. Group projects succeed when all members get together and create synergy. If you follow the step by step process of collaboration and management in online programs, your project is likely to stand out from others and be a success.

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5 Things Students Should Never Be Doing On Social Media

5 Things Students Should Never Be Doing On Social Media

Every day you hear stories of people acting irresponsibly on social media and getting themselves in all sorts of trouble. Employees complaining about their boss or couples breaking up over a comment is quite common these days. If you want to complain about your work or your marriage, there is a ‘support group’ you should think about joining. It is usually open after six at your local watering hole and consists of your drinking buddies.  There you can complain to your heart’s content and no one will bat an eyelid. However, venting out on Social media can open a pandora’s box.

Mushrooming social networks demand more responsibility. Being a student, it’s good to think before you post. A bit of care on your part can go a long way in protecting your repute and keeping uninvited attention at bay.

Avoid these five mistakes:

Emotional Statuses. Too may exclamation marks can get you in trouble!!!!!!!!!

You may want to write something that describes your emotions, but it can back fire. Don’t write anything overtly personal, rude, angry, or opinionated. It is good to be a bit farsighted and see what can happen to your post. Someone might take a screen shot of your status or share it maliciously with their friends. Keep in mind that social networks are public places; you can’t say or do whatever you want, unless you’re fond of trouble.

Unprofessional Pictures. Your prospective employers may be watching you.

If you are graduating from high school or a fresh graduate looking for a job, don’t risk putting an indecent picture as your dp. Employers usually look for the applicant’s profiles on social networks and you may end up losing a job before even starting it.

Mocking your teacher. That’s never a good idea.

It’s surely not a good idea to mock your teacher or upload an insulting picture on any social website. You may find it funny or get some comments or likes from your friends, but you can get into trouble if your school finds out about it and decides to take a disciplinary action against you.

Relying Too Much On Privacy Settings.

You post lots of stuff on social networks and assume that it will stay safe, as you have all the privacy settings on. Don’t rely too much on your privacy settings or the credibility of a social network. Sometimes, you can have these settings confused or updates of a social network can make your private information public. So, don’t post sensitive information or personal photos because they can always go public.

Objectionable Content From School Networks

Most schools do not allow you to use their network for social networking websites. If you use a social website from school or post objectionable content, you may be inviting trouble. Try to use the school network responsibly, and do keep in mind that your activities on the network might be getting monitored all the time.

So lesson learned here is be careful of what you say or write because you never know who might be taking notice.

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