What is security management?

The field of security management involves work in areas such as counter-terrorism, executive protection, international security, trade protection, industrial security, background investigation, IT security, computer forensics, and cyber security. Those who hold a security management degree have hundreds of career options available in private businesses, private security companies, federal agencies, intelligence organizations, or local government bodies. In today’s world where countering the forces of terrorism and cybercrimes is of the utmost importance, the field of security is expanding rapidly. As an increased emphasis on security finds its way into every organization from federal agencies to financial institutions, there is a dire need for qualified security managers who can effectively direct efforts towards curbing criminal activity.

What degrees are offered in this field?

Because of the large number of opportunities available for security managers and the prospects for future advancement, more and more people are interested in obtaining a security management degree. In addition to undergraduate and graduate certificate programs and diplomas, a number of degree options are available for students. Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in security management are being offered by a large number of colleges today. In most cases, students can enroll in an online program, which not only allows them to study from the comfort of their own home, but also permits them to study at any time of the day. An online security management degree also costs a fraction of what an on-campus degree will cost.

Additionally, students save a substantial amount of money by not having to commute. Add to that a large variety of security management programs on offer, and you have a winning combination. A large number of law enforcement officers and professionals looking to open up advancement opportunities and move up to better careers2 are pursuing security management degrees online.  Students can typically earn an associate’s degree in as little as eighteen months, whereas the bachelors and masters degrees last for four and two years respectively. The Doctorate in Security Management degree is usually an extension of a Business Management or IT Security program, and involves extensive research on a particular issue faced by security professionals or the security industry.

What subjects are included in a security management degree?

A student enrolled in a security management degree will study subjects such as physical security; which includes protection design, risk assessment, barriers, alarms and entry control. Students will also study information security and computer forensics where they will learn about firewalls, protection against viruses and hackers, network security, identity theft and financial irregularities in online transactions. Courses on homeland security, anti-terrorism, loss prevention and emergency planning are also taught. A thorough insight into the working and procedures of the legal system is also provided to students, including various legal aspects affecting security such as copyright law, patent & trade law, civil and criminal law and the laws of surveillance and detention.According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, holders of a security management degree will be some of the most highly sought after till 2020. Average starting wages for security management professionals stand at $60,000, which is higher than all other law enforcement professionals.

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