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7 Big Mistakes Online Students Make

Wise men say we should always learn from our mistakes, but isn’t it best that we learn from the mistakes of others as well?  So,

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5 skills you can learn from a business school

New challenges await you when you graduate from business school and enter the real world. A business school is there to develop skills that will

Online Education Motivation - EdDirect Blog 0

Five Tips to Stay Motivated In Online Education

To stay motivated, you will need to be creative. Online education may teach you a lot of things, but one that stands above all is

Social Media Online Education - EdDirect Blog 0

5 Things Students Should Never Be Doing On Social Media

Every day you hear stories of people acting irresponsibly on social media and getting themselves in all sorts of trouble. Employees complaining about their boss

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Best mobile apps for online students you haven’t heard of

There are things that you can live without but you can’t deny that they make your life a lot easier. Mobile apps can become an

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